Every Parent Should Do These 5 Wonderful Things Every Day to Bring up Their Children Successfully!

Every Parent Should Do These 5 Wonderful Things Every Day to Bring up Their Children Successfully!

Perhaps right from the moment the baby cries out, the wonderful journey called “raising children to be human” officially kicked off with parents. It is a long journey with countless memorable experiences that the desired destination will be the total maturity of children.

Every parent wants to see their children succeed and people who want their children to succeed will have to depend a lot on the right education. And to help parents who are still ambiguous in teaching their children properly, experts and researchers have pointed out 5 things that adults should do every day to see the difference:

 Follow up and urge your child’s development

There will be times when fathers and mothers feel very exhausted and think to themselves that the teachings to their children are no different than “water poured with potato leaves”. However, researchers in the UK have found that parents who set high expectations for their children are more likely to succeed and avoid pitfalls.

Maybe when a parent says high expectations to their child, the child either doesn’t listen completely or listens. But in the end they also partly listen to those things.

Let your kids go out to play more

If it is a fine weather day, parents should take time to enjoy the outdoors with their children. Think about it, if you are an office worker you would know the harm of sitting all day in front of a computer screen. And how much different from parents when looking back we are forcing our children to do 6.7 hours a day? It is to sit and study.

Therefore, scientists advise parents that should encourage children to go out to play as much as possible. Researchers in Europe tracked the daily outdoor activity levels of 153 boys aged 6-8 years old and came to the conclusion that: The more children sit, the less time they spend physical activity. No matter what quality, the less advanced the reading will be over the next 2 years. It also has a negative impact on a child’s computing power.

Read books with children the right way

This is advice from lecturer Julie Lythcott-Haims from Stanford University (USA), and also the author of How to Raise an Adult (How to Raise an Adult) – a best-selling book by New York Times. This lecturer quoted in Harvard Research that people need two things to be successful in life: first love and the second spirit of work.

So how to develop the spirit of labor for children from a young age? It just comes from work such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, taking out the trash, walking the dog, cleaning the room, … – things that parents often have to grumble about, remind their children every day (as in the number one first). By letting your kids do chores around the house, they’ll realize they need to work to make themselves a part of their lives.

Praise children properly

There are two main ways for parents to praise their children. The first way is to compliment your child’s innate abilities. The second way is to compliment your child’s efforts. A professor of psychology from Stanford University advises parents that when complimenting their children, praise their efforts rather than their abilities.

Professor Carol Dweck’s research related to the difference between progressive thinking and conservative thinking. We can see here, if you praise your child for his natural ability, it means that you are complimenting him for something that he does not need to do anything to achieve, and there is nothing he can do to improve. Whereas if you praise your children for their efforts, you are encouraging them to develop that factor for success in life. The effects of these compliments can affect children aged 1-3.