Experience in Preparing Baby Clothes for Summer Travel

Experience in Preparing Baby Clothes for Summer Travel

The experience of preparing baby clothes for traveling is the most complete, it is also difficult to avoid forgetting to forget until it is difficult to find and buy. Especially in summer, it is the peak of tourist season. When traveling with children, many mothers are afraid of their children being fussy and crying, unable to resist causing disease in the new environment, …. However, if they want their family to have beautiful moments together, it is necessary to it is necessary to fully prepare what should be brought.

There are many families that let their children travel for the first time, they have not yet prepared all necessary items, but encounter a situation of half crying and laughing, the things that need to be brought are not brought and they are not needed. In this article, We will share with mothers the experience of preparing full food items for their children to travel.

There are no theories that can be compared with the experience after every child outing, once or twice you can forget this and that but surely the next time the error will be less. Therefore, the experience of those who have experienced is extremely valuable. I will share with moms right here.

Things Must Be Followed

  • Seasonal clothing. See if the place you go to is hot or cold, rain or shine to prepare your luggage properly. Take many shirts for many days, because you move a lot, you should wear light or thin fabrics, and pants that can be re-worn should bring 2-3 pieces. Underwear moms carefully prepared.
  • Rain hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby shampoo often used
  • Antipyretics
  • Diarrhea drug
  • Mosquito / insect bite cream
  • Topical antiseptic drug when cut skin, bleeding.
  • Several urgo pieces to tape the wound.
  • A dry hand sanitizer bottle.
  • Wet towels, dry napkins.
  • 1, 2 small toys that your baby loves, such as a doll or teddy bear that your child often holds at home.
  • Cart. If two kids are young, having a twin stroller is great.
  • Child’s papers: copy of birth certificate, passport. It is best to always have a passport for your child, which is very convenient if you are on the plane and required when traveling abroad.
  • A little dry food (snacks, instant noodles ..) but do not bring much, just in case of starvation at night at the hotel or not familiar with strange food.

Why should bring a stroller?

There are places to go that are not needed and are not suitable for using a stroller, but there are places that do not bring a stroller for their children, mothers will consider it as not knowing what play or rest is. This is  the most useful travel experience I have learned from an acquaintance.

For example, a family traveling in Singapore and Malaysia, bringing their children with shopping purposes, walking combined with shopping at super-wide malls with children 1-2 years old all day is very difficult. Stroller is essential now for the baby to be able to sit, rest and sleep on it.

You can also check to see if the mall you go to shopping for free trolley loan (like in Bangkok) or stroller rental, if so and find elsewhere you don’t need. The stroller does not need to bring a cart for the whole trip.

If traveling on a family flight, please note that baby / child stroller is free of charge, and is not included in checked baggage. However, for airplanes in Vietnam and low-cost airlines in Southeast Asia, they still have to send trolleys, not be carried on the plane. You may be able to use a stroller to push your baby to the door on the plane, and the airline staff will help you store the stroller. You will receive your trolley with the flight’s checked baggage claim.

With babies, mothers need to prepare:

  • Diapers: Change diapers every hour, so bring more than necessary in case the trip is lengthened or delayed.
  • Diaper changing pads: You can buy disposable pads at supermarkets or reusable pads at children’s stores.
  • Blanket: You will use it for your baby to lie down and shield him from the sun.
  • Plastic bags: Carry a variety of sizes for dirty diapers and dirty clothing.
  • Diaper rash cream.
  • Towels, paper towels
  • Small hand wash gel, shower gel, baby lotion.
  • Bring an extra pacifier (if your baby is on one).
  • Some of the baby’s favorite toys.
  • Clothes, socks and shoes: It’s best to bring one to two baby’s clothes a day.
  • Baby bibs
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Baby tableware with full food
  • Water and juices
  • Bring bottles, nipples and bottles
  • Food rich in energy for mothers
  • Breast pump (if you have one)
  • Nightlight: Use when at night to change diapers for babies
  • First aid kit: Pain relievers and tools for the treatment of minor wounds
  • Baby carrier
  • Stroller: A safe place for your baby to sleep or play.
  • Inflatable tub: Makes baby bathing easier where you go.
  • Car seat for baby when traveling by car or plane.

The Experience When Preparing Children to Travel

Don’t bring what’s “available” or “can buy”

For example, towels, toothpaste, shampoo, … are available in the hotel. Therefore, according to me, mothers do not need to bring these things. Just bring a brush is fine if you are afraid that you do not want to brush the hotel brush. Because the towels at the laundry hotel are quite clean and smell good, and I think there is no need for me to shower the right kind of milk or use in a few days (unless my child is just bathing in the home type). Carrying these things to fill your luggage, with no room for other important things.

If your baby or mom is just used to using everyday things at home, you can buy a cosmetic extractor to extract toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, … into small jars for convenience. Not traveling for a few days but carrying a large bottle of shower gel and shampoo, it is both heavy and tired.

Prepare your luggage based on the itinerary and destination terrain

If you are on vacation at the beach, remember to bring more underwear than usual, because you may like to go to the beach at any time, then clean underwear is a problem. Don’t forget sunscreen, big towels, beach walkers (flip flops), sunglasses, a clean plastic bag for wet food, a little dry food and a small bottle of hair conditioner.

Conversely, if your family is only on vacation in cities such as Da Nang, Hanoi or Da Lat, remember to bring flats or straps because you have to walk a lot.

Note when flying

It is the airline’s regulation to not carry any fluids when passing through the control gates. However, it is not forbidden for mothers with young children to bring milk and water. Check with customs prior to your scan to make sure things are going smoothly and quickly.

The air on the plane is very dry, remember to always bring a bottle of boiled water to calm your baby to drink to avoid thirst.

Don’t bring too many things on the plane. However, to prevent the flight being delayed, mothers should also prepare a little extra diapers and milk.

Children under 2 years old when flying are usually free of charge or only incur a very small cost (about 10%) if sitting with their mother. However, with long-haul flights, letting your child sit continuously on your lap will be very tiring and difficult. Mother should consider carefully the case.

When taking off and landing, to prevent baby from falling or ringing in the ears, you can let your baby suck on the bottle with a pacifier. Sucking will help reduce the effects of pressure, making the baby more comfortable.

Choose the most compact travel stroller and remember to bring a birth certificate or passport (for foreign flights) with your baby.

Good tip

  • Arrangements should be started a few days before traveling.
  • Update the list of items to bring, so that you can keep items on the table or cupboard as soon as you remember them.
  • Use a waterproof diaper bag with a shoulder strap.
  • Bring an extra baby or two, add a shirt for you, and put it in your handbag.
  • Pack the bath supplies in a plastic zipper bag.
  • Each baby’s outfit is in a separate bag, so every time you need it you can immediately pull out a set without rummaging through the pile of clothes.
  • Bring your camera, battery charger and a spare memory card.
  • Bring a reading light so you can read at night without disturbing your baby.
  • Keep your baby’s pediatrician phone number just in case while traveling.

Preparing furniture for your family as well as your baby to travel is not easy, hopefully after sharing this travel experience, mothers are no longer anxious before each trip. family calendar too. Wish the whole family have a great trip!