How Many Months Can a Newborn Go out to Play

How Many Months Can a Newborn Go out to Play?

The first time welcoming a new member of the family makes the parents are very excited and want to share the joy with everyone. But most couples often wonder when they can take their newborn baby out to play.

Your couple welcomed the baby’s birth for the first time and are very eager to look forward to taking the baby out to play to share the joy. But parents who are old people still do not let their babies go out early because they are afraid they will get windy or “scolded” by adults, they will grow slowly … So when can the baby actually go out? Is it not until 4 months that babies are allowed to see the blue sky, the green flowers, the green grass, the chirping chirping or not? Mother and baby corner would like to share with moms information about the few months newborn baby can go out so you have more knowledge in taking care of your baby better.

When can let the baby out?

Many years ago, out of fear that the baby was still young, older people would not let out, but kept the baby indoors for weeks or even months. But now the good news is that there is no reason not to let your children out of the house, just be careful mothers. According to pediatric experts, mothers need to make the baby stronger, usually about 2 months or 2 and a half months is the ideal time when mothers can go out.

Notes that mothers need to pay attention to when taking your baby out

Take your baby out when he feels comfortable

In order to give your child a state of eagerness, want to see everything around the best when going out, you need to choose when your baby is awake and eager. Do not choose when the baby is sleepy or when the baby is not well. You should take your baby out after it has been full and rested for a while, changing diapers cleanly.

Check weather temperature

Baby’s body is immature and the weather inside and outside is not the same, so you need to check the weather temperature before letting the baby go out. You should keep your baby indoors on hot summer days (above 32C) or frozen days (below 15 ° C) to ensure the health of your baby.

Prepare essential items for your baby

To prepare to take your baby out or to be somewhere for a long time, you need to bring things to handle your baby’s problems such as naps, feeding and many other problems your baby may need while out . There are places where mothers need to carry a full diaper bag as a backup.

And one essential tool for your baby while going out is a baby carrier, and you need to choose a sturdy, safe carrier from a brand name manufacturer. When using a baby carrier, mothers must also read the instructions carefully before using, let the baby lie in the correct position so that the baby always feels most comfortable and comfortable.

Dress suitable for the baby

Just like adults preparing to go outside, babies need to be dressed properly. You should wear socks, socks, and a hat in cold weather. Wear a baby shirt similar to a mother or can be added in some cases. When it’s sunny outside, be sure to wear light-colored clothes for your baby and keep them in the shade only. If it is really hot, use thin clothing and make sure baby is protected in the sun with a hat or a stroller. It rains cold, or too wet, the best mothers should leave the baby indoors.

Avoid crowded places

The baby’s immune system is still so poor, so mothers need to avoid crowded places like shopping malls, hypnotic stores, concerts … If you have to bring your baby to these places, you need to wrap your baby really. Be careful and try to keep your distance from others as far as possible.

Stand away from sick people

If someone is sick then you need to keep the baby as far away as they can. Avoid crowded places, places where people often gather and also avoid going to homes where someone has a cold or other illness that can infect children.

Do not touch your baby

Adults really want to hug and touch the baby but should not. Because the baby’s skin is soft, the aroma and the hums are so lovely, the mother tries to keep them from touching the baby, especially strangers, no matter how goodwill they are. Moms do not mind when someone is not satisfied with you about these rules, but stand in the position of a mother who wants to ensure the health of the child. So you may need to keep your baby from everyone and even some members of the family for the first few weeks.

The mother herself must keep the hygiene

To ensure the health and hygiene of the baby, the mother should ensure the best hygiene for her. And remember to bring hand sanitizer in your pocket, in the car, at home and even in your baby’s diaper bag for regular use. Clean things that you might not normally think of, like the handle of the stroller or the sides and bottom of the diaper bag.

Let your baby begin to get used to the outside world, you can start giving your baby a walk in the park or a quiet and light meal in the yard … This is also an opportunity for mothers to breathe. fresh air and uplifting for yourself.

Now that you have answered the question of how many months can a newborn baby go out to play? then, right? Wish moms will have more knowledge in taking care of their baby so that they are more and more healthy, intelligent and obedient!