How to Practice Early Sleep Habits for Babies

How to Practice Early Sleep Habits for Babies

Why should parents create early sleeping habits for children? How to help children sleep early effectively? Parents refer to the following ODP articles offline!

Babies staying up late and being uncomfortable when their parents make them go to bed early is a fairly common situation in most families. In fact, getting to bed early or late can have a huge impact on your child’s health and development. Therefore, ways to help babies fall asleep early are the concern of many parents.

Why should children go to bed early?

One of the greatest benefits of early sleep is helping to facilitate your child’s full height development. From 10 pm to 12:30 am is the time when the height growth hormone in a child’s body is most produced, which can account for 20-40% of the total amount of hormones produced in a day. Therefore, if a baby stays up late, this hormone has no chance of producing much, affecting the height development of the baby. The best time for your baby to go to bed is at 9 pm, because after about 30 minutes, your baby will begin to sleep deeply and the next hour or so will be when the growth hormone is most produced, creating conditions. for the child’s height to develop the most comprehensive and complete.

In addition, researchers have also shown that babies who sleep early, get enough sleep and have good sleep are more likely to have better memory and ability to focus, learn and receive information faster, and learn efficiently. more fruit. Conversely, for children who sleep late, the ability to focus and natural memory will develop worse, affecting the child’s learning ability.

How to train children to sleep early and have a better sleep

First of all, parents should be pioneers, set an example for children about sleeping time, because young children often learn by adult habits. Parents should form healthy sleep habits for children, thereby creating a positive lifestyle, helping children develop physically and mentally.

In addition, parents can also practice early sleeping in ways such as:

Change family bedtime

If they lie in bed but still see their parents turn on the lights, talk or watch TV, young children will tend to not want to go to bed and think it is still playtime with the whole family. Therefore, parents do not just force children to sleep early, but change the sleeping habits of the whole family.

Develop a few habits before bedtime

Parents can create some bedtime habits for their children, like reading a book. Just like that after a few days, children will understand that the time parents take out the book and read it to their children is about to go to bed.

Pay attention to check the quality of night lights in the child’s room

Night light is also an important factor determining the quality of sleep in children. Parents should use a light yellow light to help children relax and fall asleep more easily.

Absolutely do not use electronic devices before going to bed 

The light from screens of electronic devices such as phones, tablets … can greatly affect children’s sleep. Therefore, parents should not use or let children use electronic devices before going to bed to avoid forming bad habits for their children.

Sleep is an important factor in the development of young children. Therefore, We hopes that through the above article, parents will choose the most appropriate and effective ways to help children fall asleep early , thereby positively supporting their child’s development.